Thursday, 17 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty

We’ve just got back from York; it was a rather weird evening!

We spent the evening at the Theatre Royal having been to see Humpty Dumpty! As those who have read previous posts here may be aware we go to the pantomime at York Theatre Royal every year, we tend to go twice actually! I’m very much a fan of Berwick Kaler’s productions and his approach to what is sometimes called the ‘post modern pantomime’ due to the use of video and puppetry.

Humpty Dumpty is not how you’d imagine it; Snow White and her seven Penguins (yes, Penguins!) make an appearance along with Simple Simon who turns out to be not exactly how you’d expect him (well, her!) to be and the Spartan Army travelling by Routemaster! And the villain, well he appeared as most of the other characters at some point during the production!

The villain is worthy of note; David Leonard is a classically trained actor who, somehow, became an integral part of the York production. He must be one of the few villains who received just as many cheers as boos when he first makes an appearance.

The show is perhaps best appreciated by adults – evening performances are normally 95% over 18; the audiences tend to be intelligent ones and the humour is often pitched at a higher level than one would perhaps realise. Though the musical numbers are ever present and appeal to children though the song performed by Ken (Leonard in one of the villain’s many disguises) and Barbie (Kaler’s Dame desperately seeking to relive her youth) was as comically brilliant as it was creepy and it delighted the audience - though the mouse perhaps upstaged the rest of the cast! See, not how you expect it to be at all!

It’s a magical evening and I still would urge everyone to go!

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