Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mick Clark, 1969 - 2009

This isn't something which is pleasant to post yet I feel I need to. I learned yesterday that a friend and colleague had died suddenly, and very much unexpectedly, over the weekend.

I worked with Mick Clark, who was a P-Way Engineer with VolkerRail, during my time on the Hull Docks Branch upgrade. I learnt a lot from him working with him and he was very willing to share knowledge and very generous if you needed help. This was when I decided that P-Way was what I wanted to work with.

It was good fun working with him too! This was partly why I was disappointed to be transferred at short notice away from the Hull project. Though even after this he got me a few weekend shifts on the project - just what I needed to keep me sane! Even though on one Sunday morning he blocked my car in so he wouldn't be the last to leave!

Everybody to whom I have spoken is in shock. A life cut tragically short. Mick was a thoroughly decent and kind man; if he could help anyone he would go out of his way to do so.

RIP mate, it was a pleasure knowing you. You're going to be greatly missed.

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