Friday, 4 December 2009

MRJ 195 - The Chris Pendlenton Issue

When I was nine I can remember my Dad bringing home a copy of Model Railway Journal; this was the first issue I remember seeing of this magazine as my Dad didn't buy every issue. There was one article in this issue which was to have an enormous effect one me…

The issue was MRJ No. 58, The North Shields issue. This is Chris Pendlenton’s masterpiece, probably one of the best pieces of railway modelling you will ever see! It’s a layout which has inspired me ever since! It's a wonderful piece of modelling which depicts the everyday and mundane to perfection and everything works together as one. In the intervening seventeen years I have managed to wear out two copies of this issue and am now on my third rather dog eared copy!

So, in the current trend which Wild Swann are following with guest editors, I was very pleased to see that Chris Pendlenton was editing issue 195! The highlight of the issue has to be the selection of new photos of North Shields – with some of the most convincing snow and winter effects you will ever see! I was so pleased that these new photos generated exactly the same feelings of wonderment and admiration that those original photos nearly twenty years ago did.

Following this another North Eastern supremo, Dave Bradwell, describes developments on his layout which follows on to push the finescale concept further to encompass operation and further combine the American and British schools of layout design and operation as we've discussed here previously. Both Chris Pendlenton and Dave Bradwell are promoting these ideas.

If you, as a railway modeller, cannot find inspiration from or be impressed by North Shields I do wonder if there is something deeply wrong with your soul! Undoubtedly Chris Pendlenton is one of the top modellers, past and present and remains since first seeing MRJ 58 one of my favourite modellers and someone whose talent I greatly admire.


  1. Ooooh, looks like I need to get down to WHSmiths tomorrow then!

  2. Personally I think this issue is one of the better ones for some time. Excellent read thought. The cover photo is very evocative. Fantastic stuff.