Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ideas for a new Eastmoor

The title of my blog comes from the layout which, in various forms, has been built my my dad and I. But you may have noticed that despite numerous references the layout itself has actually never appeared here. There's good reason for this though. Over the last three or so years, the layout has been in a state of limbo. Talk of down sizing, dissatisfaction with some areas of the design have meant no progress has really been made. Stock, on the other hand, has seen progress as they can used on any version of the layout! So with this mind we have begun to look at redesigning the layout.

The basic scheme is shown here;

Putting the fiddle/storage yards beneath the scenic section means that we would make the best use of whatever space is available. All that needs careful thought is how to approach the use of gradients to allow this to work effectively.

The location has also been better defined than previously, although it does skew things a little in terms of distances. Eastmoor station is between Market Weighton and Kiplingcotes stations just south of the village of Goodmanham - though in our reality Goodmanham would become the larger settlement of Eastmoor.

If you follow the path of the line, you'll notice the two roads which cross the line, Eastmoor station will be between these. The bridge on the left is the one shown towards the top of this post - this structure will feature by the station.

This is one of the first 'drafts' of the station layout -

It's based on various layouts found along the line; just ignore the facing points on the mainline; a small mistake on my part!

A further sketch shows the thinking behind to how to rearrange the goods yard to allow the inclusion of the grain drying works which features on the current version of the layout. The coal drops just need to be worked in somehow!

You'll notice how no dimensions are stated; this is because the exact size a shape has yet to be established. These will come later.

Also for consideration is the opposite side of the layout. We've decided to use the fact that there were numerous quarries between Market Weighton and Beverley - these were generally small affairs but we will assume that the one near Eastmoor is larger, more like that to be found at Wharram on the Malton & Driffield Railway. It plays right into my interest in industrial railways too - a perfect excuse for a couple of nice little industrial saddle tank locos! We've even talked about including the remains of a narrow gauge line/tramway which brought stone from quarry which we envisage being higher up towards the hamlet of Arras to the exchange sidings. Though this will have been superseded by a conveyor with the disused track providing scenic interest - though I'd wire it up so I could build something like this!

This stage is quite an exciting part of layout building! You're free to go whichever way you want! Expect more updates as the year progresses.

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