Sunday, 10 January 2010

Operation 24 - Part 2

I can't believe that it's nearly a year since I last posted about this project! Actually, i still can't believe we're in 2010, but there you go! I have got a little further with it, but not much! The main area of progress was completely disassembling the Bachmann base model!

I decided to use Hornby Class 25 cabs for the model partly for consistency across a number of future project and it'll provide a good indication of whether or not it is worth the effort! The body donating these will be the ten year project I mentioned in the original post about this. A tub of ModelStrip means that the body can live on, in part anyway...

This provides a good comparison of the two cabs; if you can live with the Bachmann cab fronts, then great, you can save yourself a lot of messing about! However if you're not so sure, then this could be one way to provide a solution.

This is one of my working drawings from the project which should give an idea of what's going on! It also shows the water/fuel tank arrangements for the chosen loco, D5096.

And this is the first 'draft' of the final effect. Obviously there is a lot of work to do but I think the effect is better than Bachmann's original. Though I will add that the Craftsman roof casting needs a fair bit of fitting and shaping to get the effect right. But even this is outweighed by the result - once all blended it and with rainstrips re-instated the cabs and body should appear 'as one'.

So still a long way to go, but I think this is one conversion which has a lot of potential.


  1. It's looking like it's all coming together in that last shot James. I'm one who could probably live with the 24 - but I agree the non gangwayed 25 just doesn't look right. I wonder if Bachmann will EVER re-tool this like they did with the 37s. Probably not as they've just passed on the error to the GF N scale 24. I look forward to watching this progress... at least we can watch on here whilst RM web is still down.

  2. I suspect that re-shaping the Hornby roof may be easier than fettling the Craftsman replacement example.


  3. I think that Bachmann Class 24s in Green or with small warning panels can look ok; the darker coulour around the window does go some way to hiding the window error. And I can't see Bachmann retooling the Class 24 or 25 - I didn't think the arish 24 looked too bad, maybe it's the smaller scale that helps? But if Hornby decided to produce a Class 24/5 to the same standard as their class 60, then I'm sure it would prove popular!

    Neil, I think you may be right; reshaping the Hornby roof may have been easier, but I cut the cabs down ten years ago! In this form, it's a nice way of recycling and making the most of what I already have. Did you reshape the cab roof for your 24s Neil? I couldn't find your RM article when I was looking for it the other day!

    The end result will, I think, be fully dependant upon care taken in blending all the elements together. Hopefully it'll prove worth it in the end!

  4. Quite right James I did indeed reshape the Hornby roof; I found it needed a drop of filler under the headcode box 'wings' to give enough meat to file away at. I'm afraid I can't remember which issue of RM I wrote up the mods in, I rely on the human encyclopedia that is Martin Jones to put me right on such matters.