Friday, 15 January 2010

Starting them early!

Today was a very important day for our little family; today we introduced Thomas to the wonderful world of railways! Not that he had any idea of what was going on, which isn’t a bad way to be really!

It was also an excuse to see 60163 Tornado for me too though! Amazingly I’d not seen the newest standard gauge steam locomotive until today! Although it wasn’t possible to get up close and personal with the loco, as it’s in the NRM’s workshops for its winter maintenance, it was good to see it. I originally missed its first appearance at the museum as I was working. So, even if he didn’t realise, Thomas was in the presence of one of the British heritage railway movement’s greatest achievements!

Tornado was also in the company of preservation’s best known locos, notably 4472 Flying Scotsman, still in a dismantled state. Whilst it is sold as ‘The People’s Engine’ it seems to have been left behind in Tornado’s wake. I suspect that more members of the public are aware of what 60163 has been doing over the last year or so following such events as an appearance on Top Gear and ‘rescuing’ commuters during the bad weather recently. I still wonder if the NRM should cease spending money on Scotsman and release the funds for other work. If Scotsman was to be cosmetically restored to an authentic appearance and placed along side 4468 Mallard in the museum’s Great Hall, it would surely be a wonderful tribute to the machines which once ruled the East Coast Mainline?

And while we at the Museum, we felt it best to make sure that Thomas was given a good start in life! So, although he won’t be able to use it yet, he has his first model locomotive, albeit Brio rather than something in P4! I remember I loved my wooden railway though I may have been a little odd, as I did attempt to operate it to a timetable!

A really lovely afternoon was had today and it was a nice way to end my paternity leave, I just wish I could have a little longer at home with Suzi and Thomas.


  1. Excellent start...

    And don't worry about uning a timetable for Brio. Our eldest now mykes two stations and runs services between them.

  2. I was there the other week before Christmas - Elly really enjoyed it, especially walking under the King and running around the Bullet train.