Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tractor Renaissance

As many regular readers may be aware, I'm very much in favour of revisiting previous projects. I feel it not only leads to less waste but also gives you a chance to review how you modelling has improved. One such example which will hopefully be revisited this year will this model, which will end up as a class 37 as it when it was new and working off Hull Dairycoates shed.

The basis for the model was one of Bachmann’s first releases of their revised class 37. It suffered from a few issues, most notably nose related issues, but otherwise has got the overall proportions and look pretty much spot on.

The buffers, for some reason, sit far too low and this corrupts the look of the bufferbeam fairings as it comes out of the box. Moving the buffers upwards and cutting back the fairing is quite an easy job and I don’t think it took too long. This is the key to making this model look right. Despite the overall look being about right, I would like to improve it and take it more to the level of 37 677. The above photo gives a hint of what I intend to begin with when the time comes.

This is a photo my dad took at Leeds in the early 1960s of D6731, also a Dairycoates machine. This is the look we’re after - a nice 'workaday' locomotive which will easily sit as part of the overall scene.

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  1. I always have two feelings with this diesel .

    A very strange face and a nice look .I do the same with torpedo waggon