Friday, 12 February 2010

Modern Locomotives Illustrated

To lift my mood a bit and give me something to think about other than job hunting, I bought my first copy of Modern Locomotives Illustrated - the appeal of Class 47s very much influencing my decision! It seems to be hard to find in East Yorkshire though - I bought this at WH Smiths in Kingswood, and this is the only branch in which I've seen it.

I still think it was such a shame to loose the old Locomotives Illustrated as it was such a wonderful publication - the adoption of the word 'modern' rules any future possibility of editions on steam locomotives not covered in LI. However if we move beyond this and look at MLI as a publication in its own right things are rather good.

Maybe coming to an issue which is a second part is like watching a film from halfway through, but this issue covers the later years of the class. Sadly this does start to make me feel old as nostalgia used to be something only old people indulged in! But seeing photos of large logo and sector liveried forty-sevens is great! The photos are nicely printed on high quality glossy paper with well written captions.

Based on this I will try to buy future issues and think you should too!

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