Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Souvenir of Scunthorpe

As regular readers may be aware, I enjoyed my time at Scunthorpe Steelworks - industrial railways can be truly fascinating! Following my paternity leave ending I was told to report back to Scunthorpe until further notice. Sadly recent news means that this maybe the last location where I will be working for VolkerRail.

So, I feel I would like some kind of souvenir of my time in Scunthorpe. For Christmas Suzi bought me a kit for the 'Janus' type diesel shunter of which Scunthorpe have plenty! It's from Judith Edge Kits and looks very promising! Scenes like No. 51 sitting by the plate mills (above) or 95 on a train of scrap wagons I find very inspiring and the just cry out to be modelled!

Photo found on - great site and well worth a look!
I don't have the room to model a steelworks, but I think a model of one of the locos may raise a smile every time I look at it. A model which will remind me of some great times working at the works with some great people!


  1. I hope that the change in Volker Rail means that all is okay for you personally. Best wishes.


  2. James - the Judith Edge kits do look lovely, I look forward to seeing this progress as I'm also building one - a Sentinel (just the chain driven one though). I'm hoping to do one with 6 coupled outside cranks next though so I'll be stealing tips with pride :)


  3. Sadly it will personally affect me; I, along with many others, am at risk of redundency. But we'll see what happens.

    James, feel free to steal anything I say or do with the loco! It might interest you that I scratchbuilt a six coupled Sentinal shunter a few years ago!