Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Death of a Shunter

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This rather interesting photo has appeared on End of the Line. It might not appear interesting to many people; however there is a little personal connection for me.

Previously this was one of a number of Janus type locos stored just by the scrap bay at Corus Scunthorpe. I remember seeing some of them being loaded onto low loaders by the loco sheds too, having first been dragged across the works - an interesting site considering most of them didn't have springs anymore! Some funny noises could be heard as they creaked and groaned their way past!

I remember climbing over them whilst waiting for equipment to arrive for some work we were undertaking just next to them - I have the fuel card from one of them too. It showed that the loco in question hadn't worked for some considerable time too! What seems odd to me is why they would be sent to Booth's for disposal when they were, quite literally, within yards of a scrap yard. But maybe I can have sympathy with an unexpected end?

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