Sunday, 14 March 2010

Semaphore Sunset

We went up to Scarborough on Friday as it was Suzi's birthday on Wednesday - a little bit of a break from applying for jobs too! Well, I say Scarborough, we primarily went to the Sealife Centre, however on the way back we stopped so I could have what might be a last look at one of Scarborough lesser know landmarks. I say 'lesser known' but thousands, probably millions, of passengers will have passed beneath it over the years!

The signal gantry which spans the outer end of Scarborough station is due to be removed soon as part of a large resignalling scheme. I believed it's listed which makes things a little complicated, though it will be moved to the NYMR for use there, though obviously it will look a little different in order to suit the operational needs there.

The site of a large mechanical 'box on the national network is increasing rare and Falsgrave Signal Box is a wonderful and large example which compliments the gantry beautifully.

For now, it still stands proudly guarding the entry and exit of every working in and out of the station. However it will soon be gone - although progress is being made what is still an essentially steam age part of the network, still with predominantly bullhead trackwork, will soon disappear; enjoy it while you can.

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