Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Traction Magazine

I picked up a copy of Traction Magazine today - it's the first issue with their 'new look' with a new editor. The overall standard seems pretty good and the reproduction is very good indeed - probably better than the Traction Annual. It also provided a welcome antidote to going back and forth across the country!

There are some excellent articles in this issue - I'm really not sure about the Traction Modelling part of the magazine. I think the main problem is that Rail Express does the modelling supplement so much better. Any similar effort just seems to pale in comparison.

I really enjoyed John Wells' (no relation!) article on the Cynon Valley with some excellent industrial photographs. But the main reason for me buying this issue was Tony Buckton's article on acetic acid workings in and out of Saltend near Hull.

This is an excellent article with superb photography! I always enjoy articles on local subject (the previous issue had a lovely article on Beverley in the 1970's too) and this one was well worth cover price alone and illustrates just how much some of the areas have changed - made all the more interesting for me as a lot of the photos depicted locations where I have worked.

And one site which is really worth a look is Tony Buckton's excellent Fotopic site - there's a huge selection of photos which are of local interest!

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