Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dragonby Pilot

A recent project is this 08 based on the original Bachmann release - this is the first thing I've done with it, which shows how long I've had it sitting doing nothing! So, this is a nice economical way of kick starting a new project - the outlay so far has only been the wheels from Gibson and a set of rods from Brassmasters - even with my current situation I can just justify it!

An excellent article by Gareth Bayer on his Class 13 appeared in Rail Express No. 93 and I freely admit I have stolen a good number of ideas and techniques from it! Although about the Tinsley Class 13, they were of course modified 08 locos so a lot of things could be used here.

The main task so far have been rewheeling and the bodyside door panels - the Bachmann doors lack the distinctive raised centres of the doors. A simple remedy using Evergreen 5 thou plastic sheet as Gareth recommends. Other wise I've had a bit of work modifying the various equipment boxes on the running boards; nothing wrong with the Bachmann model as such, but the ones supplied don't match the loco I'm modelling. If buying new, you can, of course, buy a base model which more suits your needs.

And this is what I am aiming for; 08 632, pictured at Scunthorpe (photo 'borrowed' from John Turner's excellent photo site!) -

Of course it would have been easier to base the model on a newer Hornby Class 08 but this is still a very satisfying project and one I will report on in the not too distant future!


  1. Looking good so far - I personally prefer the Bachmann shape to the Hornby model. Worth doing the front footstep handrails with Gibson Short knobs and 0.45mm wire - and you can scratchbuild a lot of the pipework quite effectively out of 0.3 and 0.45mm wire with a few plasticard scraps - good enough for a working model :) I've covered this on my blog (and in the article in Model Rail).

    Have you started the Judith Edge kit yet? My Sentinel is coming along really nicely! :)

  2. James,

    Thanks for your comment - I'm trying top find your article now, I can't find the December issue now!

    It's a good point about the front step detail. I actually did the same as you on one 08 I made for a customer in 2004 - click here to see it. I'm tempted to replace the steps completely in brass too. With the cross member at the front it would form quite a strong unit. But them I'd feel I'd have to replace the cab steps too!

    I've seen your sentinal, it is looking good! I've started the Judith Edge Janus yet - when I can afford too i want another of the Janus types though. I'd have one in current Corus colours and I'd do one in the older BSC livery too!