Friday, 23 April 2010

Scalefour North 2010

A few days ago we made the trip to Scalefour North, the Scalefour Society's northern exhibtion. As ever it turned into as much a social event for me as it was an exhibition!

Knutsford East Junction is one of my favourite layouts on the circuit at the moment; it has a wonderful down at heel feel which (allowing for the fact I was born some time afterwards!) looks just right for the railway immediately post-war. It also had very interesting detail, a weathered die-cast bus!

This seems to be something which eludes many modellers - I can think of a number of very well known layouts where so much care has gone into stock, track and buildings where they have plonked an out-of-the-box EFE or OOC almost as an afterthought. However here it fitted in rather well!

I was pleased to see Jim Smith-Wright's 'Plank' at last! And good to catch up with Jim too! The flatbottom S&C and plain line is superbly done - you don't see many instances of this type of trackwork being modelled, and certainly not to a decent standard. And don't listen to Jim who will inform you that the PECO baseplates and Pandrols are over scale - it doesn't really matter as the end result looks just right.

It has wonderful OHLE which is pretty much to scale and a world away from many commercial systems. In fact it's so fine it's very hard to photograph, especially when you reduce the size of the image. I was very impressed - no doubt New Street 'covered' in this will be a very impressive sight indeed.

Sheffield Bridgehouses has some very interesting rolling stock in operation! The p-way was rather interesting too, being predominately on blocks rather than sleepers. Once everything is finished it'll provide a rather nice rendition of our early railways.

Finally, if you have time before or after next year's exhibition, there's a delightful miniature railway at the bottom of the park which always looks like it's worth a look!


  1. Have you any more details and pictures on 'Knutsford East'? I grew up in Knutsford and I think I recognise a few features of the real station.

    I agree on the busses/weathering.

  2. In which case, I think this link may be of interest -

    Knutsford East Junction

    I'm sure it was in Railway Modeller a while back too, but I can't recall which issue. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope the link is of interest!