Monday, 5 April 2010

Take a Brake

I acquired these recently with an eye for use on a future project. These are old kits, but I feel they are worth at least investigation to see if they can be adapted to suit my needs in terms of P4 and newer suspension systems. Although they still have things like moulded handrails, look beyond these and the funny auto-couplers which they came with and the mouldings are particularly fine. In fact older examples like this can be sharper the newer production runs as the tools were much 'fresher' at the time these two were produced.

I have to admit that part of my influence for this purchase was Neil Rushby and his models. He has some wonderful BR brake vans in his collection of stock and (unless I've made a huge mistake!) they are adaptations of the Airfix kit - whatever their source, they are very convincing models!

What I have in mind is examples of these vans towards the end of their lives, such as this example pillaged from Paul Bartlett's wonderful photo collection - you can spend hours on there if you're not careful!

The question throughout this will be if it would be worth the effort, especially when Bachmann produce an excellent model of a BR brake van. However, when starting with RTR products you can, sometimes, have to modify and replace just as many parts as you would in a kit that you may as well have started from scratch or built a kit exactly to suit your needs! What the Airfix model, as well as other wagons in the range, have in their favour is very fine mouldings which is what makes me think I would want to try it in the first place!

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