Sunday, 4 April 2010

York 2010

Along with my dad I made the annual trip to the York Model Railway Show. It's a show I always enjoy and I think that the overall standard was a little higher this year than last - not to take away anything from the exhibits I highlighted last year.

One layout which I was really taken by was Alan Whitehouse's delightful essay in 2mm Finescale Mini MSW - it has a wonderful down-at-heal look about. I can imagine working on track there wouldn't be the most pleasant of environments in which to work! The attention to detail creates a wonderfully railway-like appearance when viewed at close quarters too.

The presentation of the layout is unusual - a 4' 6" circular board in two halves with a rather neat pelmet. One feature I've noticed of a number of two mil' layouts is how professionally they are presented - something many clubs and societies with their creased and stained curtains with wonky lighting rigs could learn from. Even the fiddle yard is very simple yet functional.

It also allows the viewer to glimpse some of the stock used on the layout too! I rather liked the Class 76 locos, their spoked wheels really adding to the overall look and highlighting just how 'fine' and delicate 2mmFS is. All very nice indeed.

Another layout which I really enjoyed seeing today was Y Cae Colliery by Simon Thompson in Scale 7. Truly convincing industrial layouts are, sadly, far and few between. Too often they are just a small feeder to a larger layout or used only for micro layouts because the stock can be a lot smaller than their mainline equivalents - such layouts can sometimes lack purpose. However, this is not the case here.

For me one of the nicest parts of the layout was the trackwork. Deliberate kinks, bumps and dips meant stock didn't glide like it often does in S7 - instead it behaved like stock does on real industrial railways! And just like the prototype parts of the track were buried in ****! There's no other word to describe it and it's always a faff if you need access to the parts below. I remember tasks at Scunthorpe checking switches and stretcher bars in around the blast furnaces, not always pleasant!

One rather nice local exhibit by the Ebor Group of Railway Modellers was Rowntrees Halt.

It's always good to see local subject tackled and this one was rather well done - with a nice feeling of space too.

There were plenty of other good layouts there too, and if you find yourself free and able to get to York, the show is well worth a visit.


  1. My parents will retire in York next year, so I'm hoping to angle a holiday there over Easter sometime. Purely coincidental to the exhibition dates, of course.

  2. Really like the looks of Y Cae Colliery - will have to try and track this one down at future shows.

  3. I was disappointed not to get to York this year so thanks for the report James

    Alan Whitehouse's 2mm layout does look fine.... I'm struggling with 4mm so I take my hat off to any 2mm finescale modeller especially when they produce a quality looking layout like Mini MSW.