Monday, 10 May 2010

Carron Road

When I was nine years old, one layout appeared in the December 'Bumper' edition of the old ModelRAIL magazine - Nigel Bowyer's Carron Road. It had a big impact - so much so my copy of said issue is incredibly tatty! There was something about the layout which really appealed to me. It seemed different from most layouts which I had seen and it looked incredibly realistic. It still does when I look back at it now despite the Lima based class 37 starting there with its faults but even so the overall effect still impresses me today.

Looking at it now I can see the layout is done to a consistent standard right across the board (no pun intended) and this really adds to the overall effect. Also helping this is that this standard is quite high too. Weathering of all items to some degree draws everything together.

The layout also appeared in Model Railway Journal, issue 76, with some very atmospheric photographs by Barry Norman. Strangely one of the most evocative views actually shows a train coming out of the fiddle yard, but with the sector plate in full view!

When I was nine the trackplan was also something new to me; the use of the sector plate as part of the loop wasn't something I'd been aware of previously, but no doubt I had seen layouts with this arrangement, and the trackplan is still a concept which I think can work well today.

I wonder what happened to the layout as I found it a real inspiration!

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