Friday, 21 May 2010

One of the Best Feelings in the World!

For those of you who have never played cricket you may not understand this but, as a bowler, taking a wicket is always a great feeling! Though the lad in the picture is a rather good cricketer and used to play for us but just beaten here by a off break. To prove I can report in a balanced way I will add that my previous delivery had been belted through the covers for four!

Local cricket often goes unrecorded however locally we now have an excellent website - The name gives away the area which it covers - HU17 is the postcode for Beverley and the surrounding villages. Other 'local' papars and news sites tend to be very much 'Hull-centric' and leave places like Beverley alone. So if your local the site is well worth a look and if you're from further afield, have a look to see the sort of site you should have for your community!


  1. I generally found local cricket more interesting than the professional version.

    I don't play myself, (No-one has heard of ot here) but I imagine the feeling of riding a century on a bike is a similar sensation :)

  2. Did Karl (that is him, isn't it? It's hard to tell behind the bat) get his own back with the ball?

  3. It is Karl behind the bat - I was at the other end! Nice little off-break got him! He didn't do too badly with the ball - well, would expect anything else?! Darren and I were quite pleased when he finished and less so when he came back on near the end. We lost by ten runs in the end; had a couple of younger members remembered how to use the long barrier it might have ben a different story! Though I went in with three overs left when we needed 39; we got 29 so I think the middle order could hold their heads high!

    I imagine cricket isn't big in Germany but I know a number of people who have played cricket in Germany and there are various grounds out there. All those I know of are located within British Army bases though!