Friday, 25 June 2010

New RRV Kit

Today Suzi bought me a rather nice kit which was a breathe of fresh air! Everything fitted first time, the instructions were incredibly clear, simple and well thought out and it's a prototype which is at the heart of railway maintenance in the UK too! So where's the catch? Well it's not my usual scale and it's made from, er, Lego!

Joking aside, a lot of our usual model railway manufacturers could learn a lot from Lego's approach to instructions and ease of construction for the intended market. Everything and it was clear that it had been trailed before release! Many kits I can think of are very awkward in parts and I wonder if they were ever test built!

Suzi bought because it features a Road-Rail Vehicle (RRV) and I've spent a lot of time working with these over the last few years - they are at the heart of maintenance and new build rail projects now. It's sad, I think, that Lego have realised this long before our own UK model railway manufacturers (of all sizes!) have. Even though this set is intended to be played with those for model railways wouldn't need to operate at all; they could happily sit in old yards and at access points where the real machines are left between possessions. In many ways, they'd be highly useful scenic items for modellers who focus on recent times.

I do hope at least one of the UK model railway manufacturers could follow Lego's lead and produce a small range of RRVs.


  1. That is too cool...Legos over here are Star Wars oriented, anything like this has to be ordered on the net.

  2. Dont spose you would know the number of the set?