Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Operation 24 - New Bits

I briefly had a look at my on going Class 24 today so thought a short update was appropriate. Brassmasters have recently released some rather interesting new parts. Of huge interest for my project is this;

It's a replacement for the original pattern for underframe tanks for the Class 24 in this instance, but other products were released at the same time for other variants of Class 24 and 25. I bought these some time ago and am really looking forward to using them at last!

Having previously scratch built a similar underframe in Plastikard this will also save a lot of time and yield, hopefully, a very pleasing result! If you want a preview of what will be required to fit these parts Brassmasters have an excellent section of their website which give a step by step account. Additionally a PDF is available showing how the parts need modifying for use on a loco which has the full valance in place, just like D5096 will. Finally a new etch covers a few small things I'll need!

It's refreshing that with items such as these and Shawplan's new 'Extreme' parts, diesel modelling is very much moving forward and has parts which now allow modellers to produce models of diesels which very accurate without having to resort to scratch building most additional parts.

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