Sunday, 13 June 2010


On our way back from Cornwall on Saturday (more of which will follow shortly!) we made a small detour to Pecorama in Beer. This first view really sums up the combination of model railways and stunning surroundings!

I have to admit that I hadn't realises that it's not open on Saturday afternoons - it closes at 1300 - so we only looked at the exhibition and not the Beer Heights Light Railway and gardens. We'll know for next time!

The exhibition is rather cleverly presented, showing all sorts of location where layouts could be accommodated within a house. The layouts themselves have appeared Railway Modeller at various points over the years.

I've wanted to visit Pecorama since I was around four years old! In Railway Modeller during the summer the colourful adverts for Pecorama would always appear and it always appealed to me! So finally visiting, it had a lot to live up to! And I wasn't disappoint I'm pleased to say!

Although the layouts are mostly, and unashamedly, 'RTR based' they are carefully and thoughtfully put together and some show real ingenuity in their design, fitting into their proposed environments very neatly - though I have to say if proposed something similar in our hallway, Suzi might not be too impressed! One thing which really came through was that model railways can (and indeed, should!) be fun and as sophisticated as you like.

Pecorama is well worth a visit and I do hope to return at some point in the future - although if Thomas is much older we'll need a large supply of ten pence pieces for the 'drive it yourself' garden railway! Actually, I think we'll need them for Suzi too!

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  1. I've wanted to go there since I knew it existed too. I've tried to go there twice, and both failed both times due to it shutting at 13:00. I can see why they do it though, as I expect most of their visitors are on holiday, and it's change over day.