Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Recording the Mundane

One thing which I have been considering recently is that I should perhaps make more of an effort to record some of the local railway scenes which we have around here - not just the remaining parts of closed lines which I regularly do but also those which are all around and very much current. The railway is an ever changing entity and it's amazing just how quickly things change. The view of 66 246 just inside the dock gates at Hull Docks on 31st January 2007 demonstrates this rather well. The view now is impossible due to development of the land in the foreground with large fences now present aqnd also the HAA type wagons are now a thing of the past on these workings so this is very much a historical image.

Likewise images like 158 910 at Beverley 11th of August 2008 is typical of the current scene locally but soon this too will one day be the thing of the past and if no one has recorded it what will future modellers and historians do?

1 comment:

  1. Hear, hear! The modellers of the future will thank you enormously.

    Just remember to catalogue them well :-)