Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Well, it's been an interesting few days...

The week started rather well when we went up to Robin Hood's Bay for our wedding anniversary and we said goodbye to one of our Rover 620ti's, which has now gone to its new owner in Wiltshire.

However a stay in hospital was both unexpected and not very pleasant! That's not to criticise the staff at Hull Royal Infirmary though - they were excellent and very kind indeed. I know the NHS comes in for a lot of criticism in the media but they made things go as well as you could have hoped. I must admit I was surprised that I got bored of ladies in nurses' uniforms asking me to take my clothes off though...!

I'd been rushed in having had breathing problems as I couldn't take deep breaths without being in a lot of pain. They suspected a blood clot but after lots of tests it was decided that it was muscular damage which gave very similar symptoms! I'll admit it was a little scary at times - and I'd not been admitted to hospital since I was about a couple of weeks old! Friends and family have been fantastic!

No idea what I've done though - one friend did suggest it was probably the shock of having to use tools at Mountsorrel instead of watching the lads do the work - he always says 'techs don't use tools!' Cheeky so and so!

I was very pleased to be back home, albeit rather sore. So just to get me into the swing of things I had a quick look at one 'on going' project.

I haven't done much; just added a couple more parts of the AWS apparatus as a form of recuperation. I also added new lamp irons as I felt that Bachmann's original were too big and clumsy and spoiled the clean simple lines of the loco. I also swapped the top feed for the Bradwell item - the Bachmann one is fine but I had the Bradwell casting in stock as it was on the same sprue as the other boiler fittings and it is rather nice! The front of the loco is really enhanced with the new lamp irons - they're made from 0,75 mm phosphor bronze strip from Mainly Trains which is ideal for this task!

So a little bit of progress on a personal project and a nice way to settle back into day to day life!

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