Sunday, 13 June 2010


As I've said before, I think that Bachmann's Warship, although getting on a bit, is still an excellent base on which to build. Here we have the latest example based on the Bachmann model; not much done really after renumbering and fitting new nameplates.

The modification which has the most immediate impact is filling the pillar between the windscreens with paint! This example also has had its front end 'tidied' with the removal of the headboard brackets. Otherwise the supplied pips have been added once painted and the MU gear removed - many Warships had this removed later in life.

Finally the loco was weathered using photos so it was as it appeared in 1970 and you can see the loco sitting in the summer sun!

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  1. Super - looks just like it's stepped out of the summer sun at Penzance in one of those Bradford Barton books!