Saturday, 17 July 2010

Models on the Moors

We headed for Goathland today with my mum and dad partly to see the Whitby & District Model Railway Club's exhibition at Goathland village hall. It's a rather nice little show with a lovely laid back atmosphere!

The first layout which caught our eye was Greyscroft Mine a rather nice EM guage layout based on a Cleveland Ironstone theme - right in the heart of North Eastern terrioty with some rather nice rolling stock in evidence too.

Shiftem Sidings had an interesting DCC display alongside which is something which I think could easily benefit a larger a show too. DCC still seems to be an area which is a mystery to a great many modellers. Though their display did have things which annoy me, bright light on 'older' locos!

Finally we rather liked Felton Lane Goods - a North Eastern based branch line terminus. It's a hard thing to do convincingly as there were very few minor NER termini so there's very little to work from, but this one seemed to work rather well. My dad felt it had quite a spacious feel even though in reality the boards weren't particularly deep. All done with a nice degree of subtly.

We enjoyed lunch at Goathland station, inside the old goods shed in the Warehouse Cafe which is a brilliant way to use railway buildings which otherwise wouldn't be of much use to a purely passenger railway. The day was finished off by calling into to Pickering for a drink and a chance to raid the secondhand railway magazines on the station!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Pilot's Progress

A little bit of progress on a key element of a future project.

Now with pick ups fitted and new coupling rods from Brassmasters, though I'm really regretting the normal rather 'fine' coupling rods. They look a little chunky in photos but OK in reality but still something to think about.

A few things still to do - the main task left is to rebuild the front end with new steps and Bachmann's steps are a little short. There are also other smaller details but I'm rather pleased with how it's going so far!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Hull MRS Open Day 2010

On Saturday we at Hull MRS held an open day at our clubrooms. Any layout within the club seemed to be on display! Botanic Gardens was there of course and we moved downstairs in order to put it all up! This meant we could give some of the stock a run too!

One item which really seemed to love its chance to stretch its legs was Chris' NER E1 which is based around a Bachmann body and a Bill Bedford chassis kit - fold up in P4! It proved to be a very smooth and controllable loco.

The items on display hinted at what will be coming up; Adrian Gilliand's first building was in place just started to help give the layout a sense of place.

Perhaps also worth mentioning that Chris' station building won its class in the club's competition! Deservedly so I think! Chris' hoppers also won their class! And finally my P1 won both Best Steam in entry and overall for painting and weathering! Good show I think!

Elsewhere a large number of exhibits filled Walton Street Leisure Centre!

One new club layout which I think will be rather nice is Aston & Ewloe - set in Wales it looks like it will be one to watch out for in the future.

Cullingden is, like Botanic Gardens, a long term project with the club, and is a large West Riding based layout in 00 - though despite being 00 all the track is hand built. It was nice to see stock and buildings on it too, as it looked so much more complete!

The club's 0 Gauge section normally have their layout up in the clubrooms so it was a rare opportunity to see the layout for the visitors.

Barrowfleet is perhaps one of Hull MRS' best known layouts and this was up in the club's annex - it still looks stunning after all these years!

It was a good chance to see some of the stock up close too; the ammonia tanks were scratch built by Steve Flint, who now edits some magazine or other(!), and an article appeared on these fertilizer wagons a few years ago. They still look excellent too!

And finally a view up the valley on Crumley & Little Wickhill - the lighting units were removed for the open day and it meant a number of different views were available. This is narrow gauge modelling at its very best in my opinion.

It was an excellent day and really shows the depth of talent within Hull MRS.