Monday, 23 August 2010

Pickering 2010

This is the first post of here for a while - life seems to have been very busy lately, chasing even the vaguest job opportunity and with a funeral thrown in. This time of year seems to move very quickly anyway and in the space of a week many of the golden fields which surround the village have now turned to a freshly ploughed shade of brown - autumn's knocking on the door now.

Over the weekend we made a family visit to Pickering, which nicely coincided the Scarborough Model Railway Society's exhibition at Pickering's Memorial Hall. A small show but with a pretty decent selection of layouts. Niddbeck Bridge is a favourite of mine - it has been mentioned here before too! It's a wonderful advert for 2mm Finescale, showing just what can be achieved in a small space.

One layout which I really liked was Thorne Yard - very much in the heart of the blue era (early eighties I think) it was well presented and is one of the few times when an exhibition layout, in my opinion, has presented DCC sound locos effectively. There was no conflict with other sounds and it worked superbly and really complimented the layout. It was, undoubtedly, helped by being in a room with no other layouts so other layouts couldn't 'leak' their sounds over it! It was placed, thoughtfully, next to a rather nice DCC demo too.

Although 00 the handbuilt track was carefully executed and at first glance you could have mistaken it for EM! Certainly positive for when we re-start Eastmoor where the intention is to build all the track in the scenic areas, which could be a large task, but the result will hopefully be worth it. Thorne Yard convinced me that handbuilt track in 00 won't look too obviously 'narrow gauge'. We returned for more than one look at the layout, which is always a good sign!

My only criticism of the show is that it wouldn't be easy to get a push chair round - the lift to the upstairs would actually be OK, but the main hall would be a struggle, I do realise that the layout of the building itself contributes to this, but we noticed that one visitor in a wheelchair didn't seem to have an easy time. So only my dad and I went in leaving my mum, Suzi and Thomas to look round the shops, they seemed to cope though! I know Thomas is only eight months old, but he does like watching things go past so it was a shame we couldn't have easily taken him round.

After the show we had a drink sitting outside the Beck View cafe which was rather relaxing and civilised aside from my mad dash across the road to I could get a few detail photos for my on-going class 24!

So, my one issue aside, Scarborough MRS' Pickering exhibition is a show which is well worth visiting if you're free this time next year!

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  1. We managed to miss the Pickering Show the last time we were up Yorkshire Moors way, so thanks for this report and your excellent photos!

    I love those layouts (like Blea Moor) which managed to put their trains into a landscape!