Monday, 6 September 2010

Hull's Big Bus Day

Over the weekend, my Dad and I went to the 'Big Bus Day' at the Streetlife Museum in Hull. It's a rather interesting day which attracts approaching five thousand people on just one day! Interestingly, from observations, I think a larger proportion of the visitors are 'non-enthusiasts' which seems to show it is a wonderful PR exercise for East Yorkshire Motor Services!

The museum is both a superb choice of venue and a most unsuitable place! For photography if you don't have a wide angle lens you don't stand a chance! But the venue, in Hull's 'Museum Quarter' is a delightful place. The Streetlife Museum is home to one of Hull's last remaining trams, no. 132, too - the museum also houses a wonderfully restored North Eastern Railway brake van too.

It's right in the heart of Hull's old town, which is probably not what many people would expect of Hull. I often think that Hull gets a bad press, often undeserved. All cities have their problems but Hull's 'best bits' never seem to receive the credit they deserve.

The day always sees a number of preserved vehicles in attendance - the standard of the vehicles is always very high indeed. And despite being East Yorkshire's day, Hull City Transport always seems to be represented too - these are privately owned normally, although Hull City Council does own a number of ex-Hull buses but sadly they don't have the room to display them so most are sadly stored away from public view.

East Yorkshire always have new buses on display - interesting for the public and enthusiasts but also wonderful PR. Previously the Manchester City team coach has attended - this is owned and operated by EYMS' Manchester operation.

For railway modellers events like these can be wonderful sources of information and inspiration. A chance to closely inspect buses easily without causing any problems! All too often I think many layouts, including some finescale efforts, are ruined by the inclusion of untouched die-cast buses. It's such a shame when it is so easy to research buses properly - even more so when the owner and builder could never live with an untouched RTR loco on their layout yet seems happy with an out of the box EFE bus!

If you can make it to next year's event it is worth a trip - the atmosphere is always fantastic and it really shows Hull at its best I think. And, I don't wish to jinx things, but they always manage to have lovely warm sunny weather each year!


  1. Can't say that buses really turn me on. Trams rather more so, but I see buses as having tried to do away with trams and being a poor substitute for closed railways, so I guess they have a bad press with me!

    Nevertheless that looks like quite an exhibition - we found some the other weekend at the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire which shares its present site with Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre at Ruddington.

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