Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Project 31 Fades Away

My class 31 has progressed quite well I'm pleased to say! It's very much on the home straight now. The photo of 31 171 I mentioned in the original post about the project shows the loco in a rather faded state. The grey was steadily loosing its density and had become a much lighter shade. I added a little rail grey to the mix of the body colour but the final effect would need a little more 'help'. The following photo will give you an idea of how much I have managed to 'fade' the paintwork.

I've used the techniques I described previously with which I've had a degree of success - though the model looks awful when the fading has been applied! The key seems to be not so much with the fading process but the application of washes of dirt to the model afterwards. This is where I differ from my normal method of applying paint and then removing it. Instead I use very thin washes applied like watercolour washes. For seam and panel lines I used a very fine brush to introduce the mix and let capillary action do the rest. It's a slow process which needs to repeated several times to build up the colour and shadows but it's very worthwhile. After these have dried I use a wide chisel brush to apply washes in key areas of the body and roof.

The next stage will be applied with an airbush - exhaust stains and dirt and dust thrown up by the loco's motion for example. This will be applied once the underframe has been completed and weathered to bring all the elements together. This is, I think, one of the most satisfying stages of modelling, when all of sudden the model exists as a whole and repays the care you took.

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  1. Excellent technique with the capillary method James, thats how I've been applying weathering for years. Something I cut my teeth with when I did a lot of aviation and Sci Fi modelling where creating your own shadow due to the often very small relief present on a 1/4 of a mile long starship for instance. I feel it works brillantly on railways too. Looking forward to seeing this progress.