Friday, 22 October 2010


Last weekend I went to the National Railway Museum's '37 at 50' event which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the introduction of the Class 37, or English Electric Type 3 as it then was. Despite a couple of operators letting them down there was a good selection of locos on display as well as stalls inside from various societies along with a couple booksellers.

Sadly I had to go on my own - seems none of us have been anything approaching one hundred percent over the last week or so! Even so I enjoyed the event. It had a nice mix of enthusiasts and 'normal' people in attendance. Thankfully it didn't seem to attract some of the less evolved enthusiasts who seem to attend many diesel galas!

One of ther highlights for me was, strangely, seeing the locos moving around the overgrown parts of the Museum's South Yard. With the sound of the English Electric engines it was like watching a depot fifteen years ago!

It was a very well organised event which shows that the NRM has a real commitment to traction of all kinds. Not so long ago various magazine articles questioned the NRM's views towards diesel and electric locomotives but I think events like this should remove any worries enthusiasts may have had in the past.


  1. Diesels - were they things which saw off steam engines?

  2. They were, but you can't beat a class 37!