Friday, 22 October 2010

"If you don't like Tangents, leave now!"

Last night we saw Ross Noble at Hull City Hall as part of his 'Nonsensory Overload' and the Hull Comedy Festival! I first saw him at the Beverley Comedy Festival back in, I think, 2003. That was a night I thoroughly enjoyed!

Ross Noble says he talks 'utter bollocks' on stage and he's right, but it's funny! He invites you into his world, a world where owls wear pajamas, penguins race motorbikes, and tangents prosper. In fact most of his act is heavily unscripted and you'll never see the same performance two nights running - as the title here says, if you don't like tangents you're not going to enjoy it! But most people will.

I think he's one of the best comedians currently performing on the circuit - he's original, weird but most of all he enjoys life and his work. And this shines through his act. He's just utterly brilliant and a sheer joy to watch!


  1. I have enormous respect for people who can do unscripted stand-up.

    Just amazing!

  2. James, I too enjoy Ross. Hilarious and mad at the same time. He is a regular down under. Not sure, but I think he is actually married to an Aussie and lives down here. If you get a chance to view his Trip around Australia video/TV series, it is a hoot!

  3. He is indeed married to an Austrailian though they now live in the UK after their farm was destroyed by fire. There's an excellent article on The Telegraph's site about it all.

    One of the remarks I love, which shows his sense of hounour superbly is a remark about his relationship - "Should your house burn down and you lose everything, my advice would be - don't turn to your wife and say: 'This means that technically I'm now sleeping with a homeless woman.' "

    His radio series Ross Noble Goes Global is excellent too!

  4. Agree with you about Ross Noble, he is superb. I chuckle even now when I remember his rambling monologue about Cornish pasties that I heard over two years ago. Brilliant.