Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Scaleforum 2010

The other weekend the East Yorkshire Area Group made the annual trip to Leatherhead for Scaleforum, the Scalefour Society's main event of the year. It’s a show I really look forward to every year – it has a unique atmosphere which is very friendly and welcoming. It’s not an elitist event at all and if you were wondering about P4 but were worried by rumours you’d heard of such things, there really is nothing to worry about as the society isn’t like that! And that’s one thing which is great about the Society’s shows; people are very willing to offer help and advice if you ask.

A highlight for many at the show was St Merryn which was very nice indeed - I saw it at Scalefour North a couple of years ago when they still had work to complete and it was good then, but here it was superb! For most of Sunday it was three and four deep! And Sunday was the quiet day too! Superb stuff!

Portchullin represented diesel and electric modelling very well indeed - the nice thing about the way things are going now, and Portchullin is a prime example, is that D&E modelling is now just another era. That's not to put it down at all, but it's an accepted part of the finescale scene and now people are making huge efforts to model non-steam motive power with as much care as many have with steam for years. The results here speak for themselves, even if my photo doesn't do the layout justice.

Similarly Brimingham Moor Street is a great example - it is also nice to see DMUs modelled to a high standard. They've been part of the railway for years but never seem to attract modellers in the way more glamorous motive does.

I must also mention Colin Craig, who is not just a very knowledgeable man but also very kind and good natured! I bought an etch for some brake levers, but he didn't have change for a ten pound note. It should have been £2.00 but I had just £1.27 in change so he smiled and said "Just give me a pound and let me know how you get on with them!" A very nice man!

And finally I'll leave you with another view of St Merryn. This is what the Scalefour Society is all about, people modelling to the best of their ability and aiming high. There's not a wheel in sight but this is unmistakably 'finescale'.

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  1. Hi James, your photos provide a great reference source for those of us on the other side of the globe. I particularly liked the siding/terminus scene. Keep them coming. Greg in Oz.