Monday, 18 October 2010


This was a fun little project; Warship D840 as it was in the Summer of 1970 as it stood at Old Oak Common awaiting its fate. For enthusiasts it's a rather sad sight, once powerful locomotives standing motionless and silentwaiting to be recycled. But life will go and other stock will continue to rack up miles as time slowly forgets the fallen.

However, for modellers this provides something a little different...

At the heart of the model we have an ancient Mainline Warship, which Bachmann later re-engineered when they re-released it. The original featured Mainline's version of the 'pancake' style motor and it wasn't very good. There's a reason this loco was selected for this treatment! However the cosmetics are the same as the re-release which is rather good as it'll share a layout with other locos, including other Warships featured on here.

Consistent appearance is one thing but it must look a little different so the viewer knows it's withdrawn. This is despite D840 looking quite reasonable from a distance at this point. Its bodywork had various scars and rust patches but the paint still had a sheen to it. However for once I deviated a little in this respect as the loco has a few missing windows, including one windscreen. However the missing panel on the underframe is just like the slide!

I added various cab bulkheads so once the cab doors were removed there would be no daylight where it shouldn't be. Missing cab doors are very obvious and nicely adds to the overall look. However to finish off I gave the whole loco a coat of light dust over everything. Dust over the windows and the windscreens gives the impression that it hasn't moved for some time.

I'm rather pleased with the finished model, it's a little different and perfect for a depot layout. It becomes more of a scenic item too and took more time than the other Warships I've featured on here but I think the effort was worth it.

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  1. Well done!

    That looks like an excellent job - and of course it helps that you clearly loved the beast(s)!

    I know what you mean about 'static' exhibits around a loco shed yard.

    Inevitably the odd loco doesn't run as well as the others: oh, and there was that very pretty thing which has an old Hornby (Tri-ang? no, surely not!) motor in it that just doesn't like running any longer.

    What a nice was to quietly end the lives of largely redundant locos!