Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Cold Light of Day

History has an odd habit of repeating things. The last couple of days has shown this, albeit in a small way out of the hands of man.

Forty five years ago today the York - Beverley line closed to all traffic and the last day, unusually for November, was a cold time with snow on the ground - conditions where roads grind to a halt but railways can, for the most part, continue as usual.

And today, as in 1965, the Wolds were covered by a soft blanket of snow. Roads seem to sit someway below a layer of ice and travelling by car was much harder than normal but on the railway trains continued as normal as they effortlessly went about their business on rails which looked like they were laid on top of the fresh snow.

A pair of DBS Class 66 locos leave Beverley on a Water Cannon working.

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  1. What a nice observation!

    And great pictures too, although of course I prefer the top one.