Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Sing Like an Angel

Earlier this week we saw Mitch Benn and the Distractions again - they were superb! I think Mitch Benn is a hugely talented man, not just musically but comically too. And he is a genuinely funny and witty individual too. And this isn't the first time we've seen him either!

I love the warmth that he has - the studio theatre at Hull Truck Theatre really helps with the intimacy of the performance too. His observation is superb too - Sing Like an Angel is superb. It's funny but at the same time there is a sad truth in the song about the way talent contests raise the hopes of entrants. This one thing I love about Mitch Benn's work, wonderfully sharp observations.

But his work isn't just of this nature - a recent song is much different. The BBC has come in for a lot of criticism over the license fee in recent years but they have produced many things which a purely commercial broadcaster may not dare to produce. My own interests in comedy and especially that which appears on radio relies heavily on the BBC, and I agree it is something of which we should be proud -

And if you get a chance to see Mitch Benn live, I urge you to take it!

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