Monday, 20 December 2010

Once You Pop...

As the 'Festive' season is upon us, one thing worth bearing in mind is how useful the plastic lids from Pringles tubes are! They make superb mixing trays and palettes for weathering a when you need to use only small quantities of paint.

So as tubes are emptied on those quiet, relaxed evenings over Christmas, or more likely by relatives and in-laws who you wish would really clear off and stop eating all your food, put the lids to one side!


  1. What a great idea!

    And don't forget margarine tubs and their lids (modelling plaster and for keeping bits and pieces safe) and more mixing palettes using the lids

    and, in similar style,

    those clear plastic take-away containers from Indian and Chinese type places. Ideal for keeping those little things safe!

    Have a festive and well-fed Christmas!

  2. Once I've emptied a tube of pringles I wipe the inside out and use the tube to store my ever growing collection of styrene strips.
    And no, my models don't smell of salt 'n' vinegar...