Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pre-Christmas Relaxation

As an escape from pre-Christmas, and Birthday preparations, we went to the National Railway Museum in York today.

My mum and dad hadn't been for a couple of years, so it was interesting for them (well, my dad in particular!) to see some of the changes which have taken place. It was also a chance for him to see Duchess of Hamilton is its 'new' streamlined form. With an added bonus of 60163 Tornado in the NRM workshop awaiting repainting into BR passenger green. A site which, I think, will be rather nice and one to bring back memories to far more people than the BR apple green does.

It was also a good day out for Thomas who is now very aware of things around him, and certainly more so than the last visit of his I reported upon! He didn't want to be in his pram for most of the day and was carried around and seemed in awe at many things! He seemed quite impressed with the North Eastern Railway 4-4-0, No. 1621, in particular!

A really nice way to spend a day, especially as the NRM is often wonderfully quiet just before Christmas!

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