Friday, 28 January 2011


I must have got this when I was about four years old. Although i don't actually remember the exact date I do remember my parents buying it for me in the original shop at the National Railway Museum! I suspect if I wanted a book like this my interest must have taken hold of me fully by this point!

To look at it now, it seems a rather old fashioned book with the painted illustrations but looking at it now they're delightful really. The descriptions are accurate too. Looking at the entries is very interesting in its own right - I don't know of many four year olds which can write the date like that! But also the 'cops' rekindle all sorts of memories. Memories such as my first foreign holiday when I was five and we went to Austria - by train! What could be a better experience for a railway-mad five year old?! Travelling so far by train and by a sleeper service too! The notes of third rail EMUs provide remind me of the excitement of seeing these for the first time!

Perhaps it is very much of its time but it is a book which I treasure!

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  1. Oh wow!

    In a sleeper train at 5 y/o? Well you're either going to love them or hate them!

    It's amazing what some of those early books are like. What a super find!