Friday, 18 March 2011

Clanking Towards Completion

One long term project is slowing making its way to completion - just a couple of small items of plumbing to add but it's mostly there now!

You'll notice the new handrails on the tender - these use Markits WD handrail knobs to release the Bachmann knobs for the Doncaster Firebox conversion which requires extra knobs due to the new handrail arrangement. The Markits ones are much finer and you could replace all of them but Bachmann's aren't too bad. You'll also notice the Plasticine coal heap which covers a bit of extra lead to help the tender ride smoothly when running tender first.

The figure leaning out of the cab started life as a Monty's signalman. The pose I felt would suit a typical driver or fireman in the classic 'knackered/slightly p*ssed off' looking pose which many seem to have displayed when they managed a breather during a hard shift! I had to fettle his arms and shoulders to fit the WD cab window but the result is a figure who appears to fit the position perfectly. Well hopefully that's the effect!

The next stage will be numbering and then the fun of creating a truly filthy, working Dub-Dee!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice indeed. I particularly like the chap leaning out of the cab. As you say, that is such a typical pose.

    I'm looking forward to see this painted.