Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Steel Carriers

Quietly developing in the background is a small rake of SPA wagons, based around Cambrian kits with a few added extras.

It does seem an odd omission from Bachmann's range, especially since they have added an SPA to their N gauge range, so for now kit building is the only option. Though Filling The Gap Models could well be helping in this respect - hopefully with a 4 friendly product too!

However, their new model is some way off and I have a small pile of Cambrian kits waiting to built. However, the kits are showing their age somewhat - underframe detail is well below what we expect now. Not that I'm complaining, as it's something I'm quite prepared to do to bring it up to the standard and level fo detail I want.

So what's needed to effect this? Well the Bill Bedford axle guards replace the pivoting plastic version as they're not really suitable for P4 - perhaps it is best to replace them whichever gauge you use as they're not, in my experience, the best arrangement for smooth running unless you have very tight curves. Also new brass buffers with Plastikard details. Still to be added will be a number of castings from S Kits and brake levers will be fabricated using Colin Craig parts as well as any other things I notice!

So there you go, the start of some good old fashioned kit building! Despite the much wider range of ready to run wagons which may be 'near enough' for one's requirements, a project like this can still be a lot of fun! And once built, nothing beats seeing models you've made trundling past.

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