Friday, 22 April 2011

Daisy Duke

Unfortunately we've had to say goodbye to another cat.

I think we're a soft touch; after George died we initially said we wouldn't have any more cats as it had been a very upsetting and stressful experience at the end, and if we did have any more we'd not have another 'old' cat. That plan didn't work and we ended up with three cats from the same rescue centre from where we had got George! We took two kittens - one quite timid runt of her litter who is now just mental and one wild kitten who had been found on a main road near Hull after his mother had been knocked down. Both probably stood less chance than others of a home. And we took a little black female who was thought to be at least ten who'd been a stray taken in by an elderly lady who could no longer cope - this was Daisy.

A funny little cat really - incredibly affectionate and always wanting to sit on whoever's knee was available yet also very grumpy at times! I've never seen such a grumpy cat! But she didn't hold grudges; if you lifted her off your knee she'd growl at you and look cross but if you stroked her straight afterwards she'd be back to rubbing against your hand! We often called her Daisy Duke - she wasn't blonde with long legs but was called Daisy, no more complicated than that!

While her departure hasn't left the same hole as George's did as we still have two cats in the house - there's not the same feeling of an empty house - she'll still be missed - either as no one is fighting to sit on a knee or because no one's as committed to trying to steal food being prepared in the kitchen! Thomas had learnt her name and would shout for her - the other cats have also been looking for her.

As before I'd urge anyone who can give a home to a cat in need like this to do so - rescue centres are full of mistreated and deserving cats desperate, like Daisy, for love and attention. I don't think any animal lover would regret it.

Daisy was a funny little cat and will be sorely missed.


  1. :( Sorry to hear that. Know how it feels, being married to a vet - she brings home all the waifs, strays, the unloved or uncared for. We average three or four, which touch our lives for anything from a few months to most of a decade...

  2. That's a real shame but at least you gave her a loving home after she lost her previous one. I totally agree with your comments on adopting rescue cats. We always do and whilst they might not last too long, it's worth every minute even with the inevitable parting.