Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Low Tech Progress

Quiet time over the last week has seen a little progress made with my low tech class 47.

Just a little progress - end details with new handrails, top lamp irons, buffers and steps, but they have a real impact in making it appear substantially more complete! Actually the addition of buffers makes it look like a loco rather than a work in progress! The back plates include integral steps and are from Shawplan and intended for a class 56 but work for the 47 perfectly!

This last view shows the fillet of 20 thou plastikard which has been used to give the horn cover the slightly 'learnt forward' look which Lima missed as theirs learns back and is wrong as a result. This little change just goes towards helping get the 'face' right and more than repays the effort.

And there's been one change to the spec though I can still claim it to be a budget project as I found this 'in stock' but had forgotten about it!

It's from Ultrascale, though I believe they have discontinued it - it powers three axles of the bogie and is very controllable and quiet. The previous motor bogie will go in another Lima based class 47 so won't be wasted. I just wanted to put this new bogie to good use once I rediscovered it!

A clearer view of the continuing underframe detailing which the previous post didn't really show. I think this is a huge improvement over the Lima 'box', but I'll allow you to decide if the effort is repaid.

And finally an overall view where much of the front end work can be seen - the reprofiled windows seem to work well and the new headlights and marker lights (no 2 end only) compliment the work rather nicely I think. Hopefully it's beginning to look like a Class 47 now!

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  1. It's definitely shaping up to be a lovely model James. I spent many happy hours in my teens detailing and repainting my pair of Lima 47s - they're where I learnt a lot of my craft! Good memories.