Friday, 6 May 2011

Beverley Tractors

An interesting working occurred yesterday - a private charter from York to York via Hull, Beverley, Malton and Scarborough. It was operated by West Coast Railways in connection with a private function from York. The locomotives were in immaculate condition and positively gleaming and the maroon made a lovely sight amongst all the greenery which lines much of the rail network - though I don't like the small warning panels. I like thirty-sevens either in their original green sans warning panels or with full yellow ends!

No matter how many times you've seen (or heard!) a class 37, it's still a glorious site and, of course, sound. Despite their rather old fashioned noses, which even at their introduction were a slightly dated feature compared with diesels elsewhere, they have a certain charm about them. And the site of them passing beneath Beverley's overall roof makes for an interesting comparision with Pickering's reinstated roof.

With workings like this, I don't know how people can say the modern really has no variety!


  1. Judging by the headboard, this would have been in connection with the retirement of the NRM's Ray Towell.

  2. I had full details of the working but as it was a private charter I decided not to publish everything.

    It certainly beats leaving 'dos' I've seen!