Friday, 13 May 2011

Forty Thinking

The Class 40 has been the subject of various manufacturers; Jouef, Lima and Bachmann have all had a crack at it. However, with some mixed result sin the past, so we won't cover old ground... Incidentally the old Lima model has made a reappearance thanks to Hornby's Railroad range, complete with a new motor bogie! But many people await the all new model from Bachmann which should hopefully lay the demons of the original model to rest at last.

There have been various theories have been put forward, combining Bachmann cabs with Lima bodies, rebuilding Lima bodies and making the best of the Bachmann model. However this has lurked in the workshop for a long time now; a Lima body with its nose lowered and Bachmann nose ends grafted on. The nose ends aren't perfect but look better than the rather tall Lima nose ends. The windows will need rebuilding as the outer windscreens should be angled back slightly - it may be slight but it is one of the keys to convincingly modelling the Class 37s and 40s I think. But for now Shawplan windscreen etches have been temporarily attached to aid the impression.

I don't think it looks too bad - if anyone has any opinions feel free to leave comments. I'd like to see it move away from the rather large 'to do' pile which I have amassed! So maybe it should be completed as D282?

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  1. Great subject to tackle James! I grew up with the Jouef, really thought it was brill but its really a pig, though a great runner. This seems to be the best meld but what chassis are you planning on using?