Sunday, 22 May 2011

Thoroughly Modern Scunthorpe

We managed an hour or so at The Scunthorpe Modern Image Group's first Modern Image Exhibition held just near the railway station in Sunny Scunny. To give Suzi a bit of a break this was the first exhibition Thomas had been to! So three generations of the family made the trip over the water!

There was a small selection of layouts with a pretty good selection of supporting trade plus DEMU were, appropriately, in attendance too. A nice highlight for me was the rebranded Acton Main Line (top) which is a superb piece of modelling! I think it'll be getting on for twenty years since it was started now, yet it can still stand up to some of the hobby's best. Now renamed 'Dragonby' (a name which has local connections in North Lincolnshire) and featuring up to date stock and still with Richard Dockerill, the force behind the layout originally, involved. He also had a couple of very tasty 0 gauge diesels on display too!

Everyone exhibiting at the show was very friendly and this resulted in a wonderfully laid back show which, despite its small size, was a real pleasure to attend. I hope this first show has proved worthwhile for the group and we will certainly try to make a return trip next year.


  1. I had a couple of enjoyable hours there also...

  2. We had to leave once Thomas had had enough, well just before! It was hard nwork carrying him for so long too! And he didn't want a break for a drink either, he wanted to be looking at the layouts!