Monday, 2 May 2011

Under Cover

The other day, on a rare day off, we popped up to Pickering for lunch. I had genuinely forgotten that it was the start of the NYMR 175 gala - I don't think Suzi believed this but I have lost complete track of days at the moment! The only thing which reminds me of what day it is is the roster being ticked off day by day at work! Anyway, the extra activity was a lovely bonus!

It was the first time I had seen the new roof at Pickering station completed - I had reservations about the roof if I'm honest. I thought it might be rather dark and gloomy but GT Andrews obviously knew his stuff! It's surprisingly light and airy inside. I shouldn't really be surprised as Beverley station is too! The result is very nice indeed.

There is hope for Thomas we discovered - he loved seeing trains coming in and going out! As well as spending much of his time at the station making whistling noises to ape the locos he'd heard!

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  1. Very photogenic. I wonder how many mainline stations would benefit from the restoration of an overall roof, rather than the existing bus shelters...