Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Day out with Thomas

The title may not describe exactly what you're expecting, though it's not inaccurate at all! Just quite literal! Yesterday we, along with my Mum and Dad, took Thomas for his first ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. It was actually his first ride on a train in any shape or form - I think that must sound quite poor for the son of a railway enthusiast, not to mention grandson of another railway enthusiast! But perhaps it's more a reflection of the lack of public transport where we live?

Recently Thomas has shown an interest in railways - pretty much demanding railway DVDs at times! Perhaps it the attraction of big machines which move? I've told Suzi that I'll never force my interests on him, but I'm more than happy to encourage any interest he shows now or in the future! Anyway, so we ended up on the NYMR!

Aside from very loud noises which he really doesn't like, whether it's from steam locomotives or large groups of people in confined space, he loved the day. Well apart from the tunnel at Grosmont - a total lack of interior lighting in either of the vehicles we travelled in is appalling in my opinion. Certainly not ideal for small children, especially when combined with all the noises they can here from engine, couplings and the sounds being reflected back off the tunnel walls.

So apart from the shortage of bulbs in North Yorkshire an excellent day out!

Friday, 24 June 2011


I'm sure to many a name like Broomfleet must seem like an odd name; though East Yorkshire's railway network has had a few odd place names in its time, Wetwang perhaps being the best known of these oddities. Broomfleet itself is a small village which, without wishing to sound rude, isn't really on the way to anywhere. You have to make a conscience effort to arrive in Broomfleet, well by road anyway - a rail traveller could get off here by mistake and wonder where on earth they are!

The location has a delightfully rural feel and on a sunny day is rather quiet and idyllic. The scene is a traditional railway scene with only the barriers intruding on the traditional signalling equipment. The size of the signalbox here looks rather incongruous - a huge box controlling a tiny station, a level crossing, few signals in the middle of the country. However the size of the box betrays the line's history.

The Hull - Selby railway line was at one time a four track mainline. The route was reduced to just two roads as traffic levels dropped during the seventies and eighties. Here and there are signs of how it was; the size of some of the signalboxes and as below, where the old platforms survive. AT Broomfleet, new platforms were merely built in front of them on the old slow line formations. Sometimes what seems like a simple site can reveal a lot more if you look just that little bit harder...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Boxing Clever

It feels like I've been on lates for the last few months! Well, the last 11 days, with one more to come! However, such shifts do provide a number of quiet moments and I've managed to put these times to good use!

So here we have the developing signalbox for Botanic Gardens - this is actually the third version I've built (long story!) but this has got much, much further than either of the other versions. It's been posed on our lounge window sill - the lovely summer weather, as evidenced by the rain drops on the glass, prevented photography outside!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

O9 Modeller

When disappeared a huge number of excellent sites seemed lost forever - a number are still in my links here just in case it does, as has been rumoured, reappear. Thousands of photos lost, many of which may never be publicly available again as well as records of people's modelling which are now lost too.

However some people have moved their photo collections elsewhere and one modeller has started a new blog - so if you get chance have a look at Colin Peake's new blog, O9 Modeller. It concentrates, as the title subtly suggests, modeling in O9. That is 7mm:ft scale using a gauge of 9mm. This represent railways of around 15" gauge - when it's done as well as Colin's Shifting Sands the results are quite enthralling!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Steel Carriers II

I dug these out during the week - they're going to be the backbone of my new project, which should be revealed in due course. The top view shows how far I got with one last summer which will end up in a typical faded Railfreight red. That's a manly way of saying that I've painted it pink!

The remaining ones are ready to be converted to P4 and represent a very economical set of wagons. Four have come from a friend who found them surplus to his requirements and another was a small treat! The six form the length of a typical trip working which is a feature of the new project. I will still need more but these should keep me going for a while!