Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Boxing Clever

It feels like I've been on lates for the last few months! Well, the last 11 days, with one more to come! However, such shifts do provide a number of quiet moments and I've managed to put these times to good use!

So here we have the developing signalbox for Botanic Gardens - this is actually the third version I've built (long story!) but this has got much, much further than either of the other versions. It's been posed on our lounge window sill - the lovely summer weather, as evidenced by the rain drops on the glass, prevented photography outside!


  1. Looks fantastic James, the attention to detail on the brickwork on the ends and the chimney in particular really make it.

    Are you working from drawings or have you scaled photos?


  2. Thank you!

    I used a set of drawings which Mick Nicholson had prepared a few years ago combined with a number of photos plus details of other NER boxes. The latter were needed as I'm building the box as it was before having large windows fitted to aid the signalman's visability when swinging the gates.