Friday, 24 June 2011


I'm sure to many a name like Broomfleet must seem like an odd name; though East Yorkshire's railway network has had a few odd place names in its time, Wetwang perhaps being the best known of these oddities. Broomfleet itself is a small village which, without wishing to sound rude, isn't really on the way to anywhere. You have to make a conscience effort to arrive in Broomfleet, well by road anyway - a rail traveller could get off here by mistake and wonder where on earth they are!

The location has a delightfully rural feel and on a sunny day is rather quiet and idyllic. The scene is a traditional railway scene with only the barriers intruding on the traditional signalling equipment. The size of the signalbox here looks rather incongruous - a huge box controlling a tiny station, a level crossing, few signals in the middle of the country. However the size of the box betrays the line's history.

The Hull - Selby railway line was at one time a four track mainline. The route was reduced to just two roads as traffic levels dropped during the seventies and eighties. Here and there are signs of how it was; the size of some of the signalboxes and as below, where the old platforms survive. AT Broomfleet, new platforms were merely built in front of them on the old slow line formations. Sometimes what seems like a simple site can reveal a lot more if you look just that little bit harder...

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