Friday, 26 August 2011

Summer in Doncaster

Class 142, 142 016, gets ready to depart Doncaster in the height of the British summer!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Day Return to Pickering

So what do you do when you've spent a week away from home discussing railways and learning about railways and the rule book? Well, perhaps a trip to Pickering isn't the most obvious thing to do!

Then again, I'm not one who likes to conform!

The whole of the Wells family (not that there are many of us) popped up to Pickering for the day - though we went up via Scarborough to pick up some cutrains, but that's another story and travelling from that way you get to see a few remains of the Forge Valley line.

Pickering's exhibtion in August each year is organised by the Scarborough Model Railway Society and is a great little show and must be one of the loveliest little venues of any show I regularly attend. The Memorial Hall in the town was refurbished a few years back and was done to a very high standard. It's far from the cold, draughty 'little' venues which many shows have suffered!

For a small show, it's good to see a decent standard of exhibit too. Thomas, who's now 19 months old, loved watching the 'North of England Line', a lovely N gauge layout with plentyof action - enough to keep a little boy happy but not enough for the enthusiast to think it just looks silly! The stock is noteworthy too, as a real effort has been made to portray LNER stock, something which still seems a novelty in N for someone who doesn't model in that standard.

Hospital Gates is a layout which is well worth seeking out - it's O but by a group for four mil' modellers and their emphasis on the scenic, something which occasionally seems like an after thought on layouts, especially small ones, in the senior scale. I strongly suspect the size and mass of rol;ling stock is the real draw for many to O guage, and I can't disagree with this, but when this is exploited alongside high quality scenic work the results can be superb!

Felton Lane Goods is a favourtie of mine - small but it never looks cramped. The one photo at the top of this write up, but follow this link to see more. Thomas even gave its builder a round of applause when he was shunting!

Alongside the high quality layouts (and I haven't mentioned them all by any means and we avoided the 'look how many trains we have' shed layout) were some interesting DCC based demonstrations - not sure the computer control methods shown are for me, but nevetheless, well presented.

We headed back into Pickering and to the station before having drink in the fresh air outside the Beckside gift Shop and Cafe watching the world go - a great weekend back home, just a shame I'm heading back down south for another week today.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When in Watford

Currently down in Watford, and will be a for a little while! Though I must admit I'm not keen on being in a built up area for quite such a long time in one go! Almost forgotten what trees and fields look like now!

One consolation is the West Coast Main Line within a few yards of the hotel! Not bad, eh?!

The line is very intensive and at peak time it is one train after another! And the line speed, I'm told, is 110mph on the down main and trains heading by at that speed make quite a sight! So maybe no open country, but lots of trains to keep me sane!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Gone for a Burton

I was going past Burton Agnes earlier today - it's a place known best for the stately home within the village however if you can head away from there and towards the railway, there is an absolute gem waiting for you!

It's the original signalbox at the station and it still stands, in private ownership as far as I am aware, as part of the former station buildings. Perhaps what makes it more remarkable as a survivor is that it was replaced by a larger structure and hasn't been used for its original purpose for a very long time.

Burton Agnes

The Hull - Scarborough line has a few delightful spots along its way which are well worth a visit in their own right and this is even after much resignalling and modernisation.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Final Shift at Welton

My blog has been rather quiet of late - still around but seem to have been working most of the time! I worked out that I've had just two days off in the last four weeks or so!

Just finished my last shift at Welton! Moving on to what should be bigger and better things but I'll miss it hugely! It's a wonderful location which is idyllic and first thing in a morning in summer with the sun streaming over the fields and a warm breeze it's hard to imagine a nicer place to work.

I'll also miss it because of all the people with whom I've worked, especially Tony, who is the other resident at Welton, who made me feel very welcome.

If you want to find out more about Welton you can find it Facebook -