Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Debt Collectors

Last night we popped across to York for the evening to see John Godber's new play, The Debt Collectors.

It's his first production post-Hull Truck and the dark side of the story perhpas reflects this - based around two fifty-something actors who have found themselves out of work and have turned to debt collecting which provides them with a steady income for the first time.

The story charts their fall from grace, with references further back to one of the cast who once had a role in The Bill and believes that parts he is now offered are somewhat beneath him. However their new roles turn out to be something to which they are perfectly suited yet the lack of creativity is slowly eating away at them.

The production has some delightful comic moments yet the dark side verges on menacing as time goes on and the characters become increasingly frustrated with the state of their lives.

There are full details of The Debt Collectors and its current tour to be found here.


  1. Speaking of debt collectors, some of them understands that many small to medium businesses do not always have the resources to manage bookkeeping efficiently. This may be due to lack of skills, staff or time. By outsourcing this task, (on the company's part) they can manage their client's bookkeeping.

  2. If I was cynical I'd hazard a guess that you just google 'debt collectors' and paid no attention to what the post was about...